Assignment 10.3

Identify one more metric based on what you have learned this week.  As always, this will include:

  • a leadership trait, characteristic, or behavior;
  • a description of why this is important to you being a Creative Leader
  • a way ("device") to measure the expression or outcome of that trait/characteristic/behavior
  • measuring units and a scale that can give you feedback your expression of that trait.  
  • You can choose to add this to your dashboard or to replace an existing metric.




Experimental "experience-alist"

Description: the degree to which a leader seeks to enrich his or her leadership experience with real-world empathetic exercises, in order to experiment with other ways of experiencing the world. 

Why: This week, after reading and learning about interpersonal accountability that can occur when leaders begin a movement, in tandem with Zen Habits different approach to open masculinity, it occurs to me that it is important to seek opportunities to experience leadership from counselors that know the landscape differently. 

Places like Esalen, and companies like Qualia, are asking different questions about leadership, community, and human kind's propensity for inner growth. It is important for me in my leadership journey to seek these extremes in order to learn about myself, the world, and my journey, to keep ahead of desensitization. 

Measurement Device: Because its not great to reside in this experimental phase for long, spikes into this realm is what I'm going for. Oscillation is ideally the behavior I would like to measure - so perhaps a gigometer - the device traditionally used to measure earthquakes - would be the best way to keep track of the amount of disruption I have in these singular experiences. Being that desensitization is what I'm looking to avoid, I hope that this measurement device gives me the ability to see how open I'm being to new ways of thinking.