Artist Statement


Against odds that most would consider unsurmountable, I have forged my way through my creative career clinging to the knowledge that I had a gift for creation. Regardless of the type of media or project, I found outlets for my need to create in DIY home improvement projects, designing and sewing my own clothing, taking up sculpture and ceramics, and learning how to use various computer design software completely on my own. My avid interest in and appreciation for the conceptual and mechanical workings behind art and design borders on addiction, and it grew until I was inspired by the beauty of buildings. And thus I embarked on my journey to create worlds. 

I knew when I began, my path would not be an easy one. My initial gestures at a formal architecture training were dedicated, to be sure. But eventually I was left wondering with the big question of why  I was designing? Of course I knew how to use AutoCAD and render out a building in Rhino and Maxwell, but what was lacking was the conceptual backing to the skill set I was developing. How could I better reach the viewer? What made good architecture more immersive an experience than bad architecture? And, with these questions in mind, I decided to transfer to NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study to explore the deeper psychological effects of architectural design, to better my understanding of the elusive quality architecture possessed to transport the inhabitant into another state of mind. 

I began my studies at NYU with a newfound dedication to explore the various psychological applications to the architecture world. From installation art and sculpture with Sophie Erlund in Berlin, to a study of advertising strategies in store construction and design at Hermes, to my eventual discovery of artistic direction and set design for student films at Stonestreet, my investigation was broad and encompassing. But through it all, I would find the true application of my skills was in design for performance settings. This was where the magic happened. This is where I can create the backdrop for other worlds. 

I am an NYU graduate with a Bachelors of Arts, with a concentration of Spatial Psychology and Visual Design. I am a designer of all trades, concentrating in scenic design, art direction, architectural applications, and installation art. My passion is to build worlds. Let's start building yours. 


Theresa Akers

NYU: Gallatin School of Individualized Study

BFA, Spatial Psychology and Visual Design