We Are The Ones...We've Been Waiting For

"Change starts when someone sees the next step." - William Drayton

As interconnectivity takes the forefront of the technological age, the neural pathways to each other are increasingly open and raw, despite growing claims of Millennial anti-socialism. As the Next Nature Network states, evolution and the creation of technology are not separate - we are integral, part and parcel to nature. Just because we are the first species to hyper link our consciousness to the cloud does not divorce us from the biology from which we came, it only heightens it. Trauma in distant parts of the living world ripples through the internet through social media, news centers, and digital multimedia. Fluency in this new language, and a recognition that we have added an extra layer to our primitive nature as creatures of the earth, becomes important in the direction we must innovate in our social circles. Leadership must change to accommodate.

In referencing posture in ballet, one of my great teachers' mantras was "go down to go up". As an axion, this simple phrase brought me out of my thought processes and down into my body, arguably back into my primitive need to feel the ground before I could balance appropriately to accomplish the twisting maneuvers required of all dancers on the floor. Indeed, fundamentally, if you do not go down, or feel the ground, or align your feet from the very beginning, you failed to execute the beauty of thought, and of improvisation. You failed the very essence of dance. 

Leadership standards today fail to see that higher democratization of knowledge and power render pyramidal leadership structures obsolete - or dare we say - unsustainable, built upon out dated models of hierarchy. As more information becomes available at any time, the demand on means of decision making increases as well. Ultimately, information is thereby funneled in the outdated means of pyramidal problem solving. Leadership changes, and those who change it fundamentally in style of management and community outreach, stand to reap benefits from a holistic approach to interconnectivity. Leaders must take responsibility for fostering community, planting and honoring ideas, and being good stewards of social capital. Indeed, leaders must recognize the global community and radically shift from the initial enamor of gross company product and employ concepts of sustainability in the community they lead. In connecting with their community, in connecting with the overwhelming social capital and capacity for change, leaders then are able to touch on that primitive need for tribe and connection. Thereby, we go down, and are able to go up. 

Adopting large frameworks for change begins in the grassroots scale. Leaders provide opportunities for primers for change by implementing the social crossroads to which we redefine what kind of capital invested in. Responsibility for shifting perspectives where singular individuals are looked to for the "saving" of terrible metrics for sales, in which there is always another scapegoat, begins here. And in adopting the communal outlook, we are the ones we've been waiting for.