This week's exercise in understanding the power of labels has me thinking a bit more about metrics in relation to the power that leaders have to shape and empower their followers and workplace culture. 

My two additions to my metrics are: 

Social Sensitivity

The degree to which a leader understands the cultural sensitivities existent in their environment. 

Measured by how well a leader can empathize with each person in the room. However, the key here is to not get too sucked into the analytics of the particulars, so the measurement here is to monitor and earmark how a person is perceived by others, and also their strengths in relation to this. Using a meter much like a hot/cold temperature reading. 

Strength Awareness

The degree to which a leader recognizes and understands the full breadth of strengths and weaknesses of her tribe. 

Measured by how well a leader can watch and interpret the actions of a particular individual in relation to their joy at doing the activity. I'm not sure what the measuring device here would be, however. It would feel significantly similar to Social Sensitivity to me.