Warning Indicators

Assignment 6.3b

Given the research that I have completed, I've begun my design process for metrics to understand how my leadership qualifications can become more concrete, and give them a graphic language to make it easy to understand how well I'm doing in relation to others. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.06.44 PM.png


Restlessness is the direct reaction to stagnation in idea generation. It is what happens when self-actualization, or even just actualization in general, of things that are meaningful to my practice and to my life cease to come to pass. I find that an indicator on how restless I am can give me an understanding on how fast I am approaching one of my worst destinations - Stagnation.

In addition, restlessness would compromise my ability to remain open, maintain theatricality, and connect to my tribe and community. It robs me of my focus, consistency smearing it across many things at once.

I chose to represent it the way I did in the illustration because I think a small amount of restlessness is a good - friction gives me fuel for ideas. The important part is to make sure it remains a low fission in my daily life.    

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.06.39 PM.png


I have always looked at anger as a "Check Engine Light" metric formy life as a whole. Anger is an on and off switch - if it is present, the light is on, and I have to do some maintenence on myself before things get out of hand. Anger helps me know when I am about to encounter internal conditions that close me off to the world, do not let me hear other perspectives, create creative blocks, and dissuade me from maintaining endurance. 

Anger lets me know when I have to do major self care and listen to my inner life, taking steps to remove myself from a situation where I am not learning. I do not see myself as an angry person generally, so this indicator will allow me to understand when I'm failing at being authentic and compromising my gravitas.