Creative Leadership

Assignment 5.3 - Metrics


This week we were asked to revise our metrics to reflect what we are learning from "Making Ideas Happen", by Scott Belsky. 

According to the assignment, I was to replace three of my metrics with things we learned from the reading. Because I learned most about the need for Openness, Servitude, and Societal Awareness from the reading, I chose to remain the same in my metrics. 

  • Embodiment

Degree to which a leader demonstrates leadership on an internal degree - his gravitas. 

Measured: # of public appearances with poise

  • Authenticity

Degree to which a leader's actions mirror and support his doctrine. 

Measured: # of ways a leader expresses a held belief physically.

  • Servitude

Degree to which a leader serves the community of followers he is in charge of leading. 

Measured: # of volunteer hours put in for causes oriented to his doctrine. 

  • Flexibility

Amount of perspectives a leader can understand. 

Measured: Community networking opportunities a leader attends. 

  • Circumspection

The amount of circumstantial awareness a leader has, both in the moment and historicallly. 

Measured: How many sources of knowledge gathered at any point in time to cross-reference and inform processes. 

  • Mentorship

Amount of ways a leader fosters the next generation of leaders. 

Measured: Degree of involvement in educational opportunities.

  • Societal Awareness

The amount of awareness a leader exhibits in relation to gender/racial/sociological politics regardless of area. 

Measured: Global research on relevant issues pertinent to leader's area. 

  • Openness

The degree a leader is open to new ideas and ways of thinking. 

Measured: how easy it is to communicate to the leader. 

  • Conscientousness

How kind a leader is. 

Measured: Amounts of times a situation is handled with grace and care. 

  • Theatricality

Degree to which a leader maintains an air of control. 

Measured: amount of public appearances reinforcing the leader's public appearance.