In process. © Bedlam Theatre, Farrington Llewelyn. All rights reserved.

In process. © Bedlam Theatre, Farrington Llewelyn. All rights reserved.



I am a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and culture-maker, focused on realizing dreams into built products, experiences, and environments. My practice dances between paper space, digital space, and physical space to bring to bear highest expressions of purpose, giving impact-oriented ventures an edge in the burgeoning new experience economy.


Brands and messaging are not enough in the new economy to garner interest. Customers are craving deeper, more authentic interactions with brands that also have purpose. Instead of trite, one-dimensional attempts to get the audience’s attention, customers are craving experiences. Are you ready to deliver?

My professional investigations into the built and virtual environments center on how spaces, products, and environments tell stories. This experience allows me to apply systems level perspectives on providing a coherent, synchronous relationship between the mission of your organization and how it expresses itself - through your company culture all the way through to your offerings.

Let me help you align your story.


When working closely on large teams dedicated to the realization of products, large-scale installation of theatrical sets and immersive environmental designs, I utilize a variety of co-creative tools to communicate with my teams and clients, allowing us to dream in a collective direction:

  • 2D CAD drafting (AutoCAD, Rhino)

  • 3D rendering (V-Ray, 3DS Max, Maya)

  • 3D modeling (Rhino, Solidworks, Grasshopper)

  • 3D printing (Stratysys, Ulitmaker 2+, UPrint)

  • Architectural + scale model building

  • Hand-sketching

  • Project management platforms (ie. Asana, Trello)

  • Basic graphics work (Adobe CC)

For an in-depth summary of my technical fabrication and design skills, please see Offerings, or click on the link below.


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