frequently asked questions


Are you an artist or a designer?




Isn’t “experience design” the same as UX design?


I may lean more on the physical environment, but there is no fundamental difference between what UX designers do and what I do. Virtual reality is reality is interface design is also intelligent shades of blue is also branded experiences.

I specialize in optimizing connections. I do this through creating communication pieces through a variety of mediums. Experiences, therefore, could be loosely classified as my medium.


What does your work have to do with sustainability?


Art, design, and creation are mediums or indictments of our care and nurturing of ourselves, other people, and the environment. It is the way within which we connect with others and our purpose that will determine how we answer contemporary crises of fragmentation.

I believe my contribution to sustainability is my ability to shift paradigms by intervening in the current science fictions dictating how we fragment our lives into social fictions we can connect to.