Creative Leadership

Assignment 1.3 - Metrics


Upon some reflection on the leaders I admire and follow, I realize that the general leadership methods involve introspection and extroversion. From here I created my metrics: 

  1. Exhibits circumspection

Amount of moments I recognize the ways I’m connected to my community daily.

  1. Holds space for interdisciplinary discussion

Amount of questions I ask connecting industries/thoughts/concepts daily.

  1. Is adaptable

Amount of unconstructive thoughts successfully debunked and replaced daily.

  1. Remains relevant

Amount of new information, new articles, new networking connections, key industry players, and types of relevant information found and collected weekly.

  1. Practices faith in self and others

Amount of times I let go of control daily.

  1. Cultivates intuition

Amount of times I mindfully listen to what my gut says and follow it without question weekly.

  1. Participates and collaborates willingly

Amount of collaborative initiatives I begin and lead weekly.

  1. Provokes change

Depth of discussions I instigate and lead around complex societal issues, weekly.

  1. Cultivates constant internal convictions

Amount of personal check-ins regarding “why” I make the things I make, weekly.

  1. Prioritizes original work

Amount of hours dedicated to a risky endeavor that only I can do, weekly.