“Theresa Akers’ set design is minimal but effective…”

Jill, Cherry and Spoon | Theatrical Musings in Minnesota and Beyond

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

“Theresa Akers’ versatile multi-level set is adorned with glowing paper lanterns…”

“Mu Performing Arts puts 'Twelfth Night' on speed dial”

Theater review: Mu's gender-bending production puts a fresh spin on Shakespeare.

By LISA BROCK Special to the Star Tribune

JUNE 3, 2015 — 7:10PM

The production … is everything a writer could ask for—the design looks great”

THEATER REVIEW | Mu Performing Arts’ “F.O.B.”: Haunted by ghosts of the past

By Matthew A. Everett (TC Daily Planet) | February 3, 2015

“…show unfolds on designer Theresa Akers’ clever re-creation of a studio set…”

'Realish Housewives of Edina' takes the cake’

THEATER REVIEW: "Realish Housewives of Edina" serves up a sharp TV parody with gusto. By Lisa Brock

Special to the Star Tribune

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 — 10:58PM

The winter effects are excellently done … the depiction of an Antarctic ice shelf …is especially impressive.

THEATER REVIEW | Workhaus Collective’s “Lake Untersee” navigates glaciers, divorce, autism

By Basil Considine (TC Daily Planet) | September 19, 2014