A Letter to a Budding Leader

Dearest One, 

The minute you knew how to talk was the same moment you understood that you had gifts. Communication for you was easy - but easy in the same way that Mozart used music ... you used the world as your backdrop for yourself. You see beauty in the things that others find meaningless, creating worth from garbage and seeing value in those who are lost and struggling. You look at the big picture, at times getting frustrated that you can't have it all yet, but knowing that its out there and achievable. You can see when there is meaning between the lines, and hold space for what needs to be done. You have integrity, you can hold what is true at the forefront of your actions. You have sheer will - if you want something bad enough, you will achieve it. 

I know that you are aware of changes that have started at the beginning of class. You have more strength to notice yourself. You have more understanding and patience for your own struggle, hand and hand with other's struggles. You include yourself in the uplifting self talk - and the awareness you have for your inner "Mind-Movie" is growing. 

The biggest themes I have been seeing for you involve knowing that you have habits, dearest. These habits are like an underlying computer language - you execute these if: then: statements as if that will only be your truth for the rest of your life. Are you not a leader? Well, then. Awareness is the biggest theme. Understanding and joy for the moment and for yourself are others. 

The world is larger than you are. If you just have the courage to do so, it will show you that you have it in you to change it. You have it in you to have faith, it will just take some time to nourish and find it. 

Yours, Always, 

Your Inner Life