13.2 - Creative Visualization

Dear Theresa,


Congratulations! Your venture, Dymaxia, is our Minnesota Cup 2020 Grand Prize Winner, a grand total of $50,000! The final winner and recipients of special prizes will be announced at a live event on October 9 at Carlson School of Management.


We believe your innovative efforts in the social impact sphere have the potential to reshape how we view the intersection of sustainability, social ventures, and art. We especially resonated with your call for a different way of business-as-usual, and taking a stand against silo-based company culture. By introducing a new, emergent structure of business opportunity through a co-operative model, uncoupling innovation and creativity from corporate gain, and introducing design as a competitive return on investment for shareholders, we believe your impact has immense potential to rewrite corporate culture. It is exemplary of creative, groundbreaking work in social impact. Congratulations.


Yours truly,


Minnesota Cup Committee