Leadership and Time Management

Week 2

As a contractor in this 1099 economy, I'm struggling to understand the nuances of time management as it relates to stamina. 

I find that I am focusing a great deal on these examples we are unpacking in class - all these wonderful human beings that have grown into leadership, been wrought and forged in great crucibles of adversary, and the very act of overcoming this adversary is what is exhausting me. 

I know and recognize that I'm repeating a habit I promised myself at the beginning of the semester to not repeat. That I would time manage better, get ahead of assignments, work towards my goals, and also work on self discovery. But, if I were to be completely and truly forthright, how many people are actually honest about how exhausting this is? Where do you find the time to rest? 

There is this great need for organizing your time better - that somehow magically, by just being more fastidious about your time, by being less of a procrastinator, by doing more, and experiencing more, that is how leaders are born. 

Can leadership be born from anything other than the goods I produce?