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Phenomenologies of Climate Change

GTSP | Thesis Project

The scope of the research explores how human beings create their own reality, and what (if anything) could be done to influence and change it. Topics for exploration include cognition as a natural system, autopoietic networks, the power of narrative and metaphoric perception, phenomenology, and the cohesive quality of artistic gifts and practices. The deliverable of this project will be a long-form written research paper, presented editorial-style, supplemented with graphics of systems diagrams and pattern language analyses.

It concludes with a theoretical community or business proposal applying the findings of this research.


Customer Experiences With Soul - Introduction Practicum (coming soon!)

Practicum | Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson, Fall 2018

This practicum applies the concepts of the Holonomic Circle and Customer Experiences With Soul into a short film demonstrating the effectiveness of these tools when applied correctly, while simultaneously granting me the opportunity to utilize my talents as a storyteller to fully immerse herself into the elements of Customer Experiences With Soul with regards to sustainability.

The film is currently being produced, and will be posted when it is finished!


This Does Not Define You: A Social Sustainability Exploration

Practice of Sustainable Design | Spring 2018

This project stems from an interest in how these perceptions influence overpopulation in the sense that it is inextricably linked with women’s empowerment, education, and health. Regaining a respect for one’s powerful ability to reproduce has the potential to give women a greater understanding themselves, and allows them to exert power in reestablishing boundaries for herself, her health, and her community.  The alienation of the body for women is a huge barrier to their ability to interact with basic sexual and procreative health concepts. It hinders the acceptance of pleasure, damages self-esteem, and makes women more susceptible to abuse and sex crimes such as rape. In more extreme cases, an unintended pregnancy may result in death for the woman, premature births for the babies, and gross financial costs for the mother.


Bath Food: Health, Nourishment, Community

Innovation Tools and Tech | Curt McNamara, Spring 2018

A business model that sustains, nurtures, and nourishes community, emphasizing love for the earth, its manufacturers, its employees, and its customers. Main intended audience is at-risk youth needing a community and skills to relearn job and life skills to re-enter society, using a business model that sustains this endeavor with a self-care product that, in turn, nourishes the people who use it, and inflicts no harm on the planet it comes from.


Dymaxia - Hybrid Artist/Consultancy

Making The Business Case | Wendy Jedlička 2017

The assignment was to create a sustainability-oriented business model. For the assignment, I created a concept called Dymaxia.

Dymaxia is a hybrid of a consultancy and non-profit, offering product, graphic, and human-centered design services for social justice and sustainability-oriented business endeavors, aiming to bridge the gap between art and technology. Named after Buckminster Fuller’s visionary dream, Dymaxia proposes the reinjection of his concept of “dymaxion” - a combination of dynamic, maximum, tension – into global business and interpersonal endeavors.


TAO: Creative Co-working Space

Systems Thinking | Curt McNamara, Spring 2017

T/A/O names our bottom line as the well-being of artists. In a culture that notoriously exploits artists for their talent, TAO makes the bold claim that creativity is an asset flow which remains untapped. The mission is exploratory – we produce and exhibit collaborative local innovation for the betterment, enrichment, and growth of our creative community. By bringing interdisciplinary creativity to the forefront, T/A/O challenges performing artists and creators to come together to support each other and lay the groundwork. We explore the bleeding edge of what performance, creativity, and collaboration can do.


Urban Ascent: Packaging to Conquer the Climb

Package Design | Wendy Jedlička, Fall 2016

Introducing a new line of packaged food that takes on any adventure on any frontier. Using product design brainstorm, I created a line of food that extrapolates from the base concept into more permanent brand loyalty. . Consisting of molded seed carton structures, the first concept features a completely soluble package solution to protect the freeze-dried product from moisture containing volatile spice elements within its layers, in turn protected with a seed paper carton and a bio-plastic lid allowing it to remain re-sealable. This package is completely compostable and biodegradable, allowing users to simply add hot water, allow cooking, and enjoying straight out of the carton. Not only does the package empower the user through adventure messaging, but this use-case allows the user to access healthy food without guilt: all packaging is biodegradable and affords the user the ability to grow their own food at home. It is, at once, an answer to pollution, education, and social sustainability within a package design.

For the socially intrepid, the next system up harbors the same concepts but features a variety of seed papers and meals treated as refillable elements to a reusable Thermos with a built in filter. By allowing the user to personalize and buy different meals and seeds, it creates a brand rapport and an ethos of company concern for its customer base. While it is a bigger investment upfront, the resulting cultural investment from customer bases affords a higher yield, as well as opportunities to continue campaigns to champion solving hunger problems.


Made for FAME: The AireLift System

Intro to Sustainability | Tim McGee, Fall 2016

Exploring the opportunity to create a source of a natural, chemical free formula of mascara transported in zero waste and restorative packaging, the AireLift system is the manifestation of DIY culture meets cutting edge sustainable technology. Using hardware debuted with Kristof Retezár’s Fontus, a device that extract humidity from the air and condense it into potable water, and the genius behind Tiger Beer’s Air-Ink, featuring purified paints and ink derived from air pollutants, AireLift is a self-refilling, foot-print reversing pioneer in clean cosmetics.


The North Face: Whole Systems Map

Collaborative Product Design | Spring 2017

The North Face Women's Crescent Pull Zip life cycle research. My component was creating the wire frame illustrations, upon which my colleagues built the extents of the rest of the document. Colleagues are cited here, within the document.